Creatine: Not Just for Muscle

Human Performance Psychology

If you’re involved in sports that require speed, power, and strength, then you’ve likely come across creatine before.

The supplement gained prominence in the early 1990s as a method of enhancing strength, and since then research has continued to explore its use as a sports performance aid.

Beyond muscle, creatine is a supplement that can optimize performance across many different realms. 

In this article, I’ll give an overview of the research underpinning creatine’s use as a training aid, but also focus on some of the more novel findings regarding creatine. This includes its use as an agent to prevent disuse atrophy in injured athletes, as a cognitive enhancer, and as a potentially important agent in the recovery from concussion.

Given these important new findings, we can no longer just consider creatine from the perspective of muscle, but instead view it as a supplement that can optimize performance across a number…

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